I’m Anna Forgony

International Certified Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Mentor

You have the power to manifest a beautiful reality.

About Me

Hi, I’m Anna Forgony, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor. I help people to find their life purpose and awaken their spiritual abilities. I have seminars and one-on-one sessions to release the fears and blocks about these topics too. So they can live their life as a dreamlife according to their life purpose with ease and joy.

Life Purpose Free Masterclass

Move forward according to Your Soul Call!



Guided meditation and a full presentation to have clarity about your life purpose.

Do you know that you made a decision before you came to the Earth how you will serve this planet?

This is your time to get a whole picture of that!

I registrate for the video


Online spiritual courses to awaken the potencial within you. Magic key to resolve any issue fast and long term. Supporting area where you could be yourself really.

One-on-one sessions

Intuitive sessions specially for you. 60 minutes intense self-development, focused problem solution and action steps to stay in the flow.


“Thank you for the ThetaHealing Basic DNA course. You have moved me out of my comfort zone again. All three days of the course were fantastic. It has given new motivation to my life. 😊
We have experienced miracles and heard many wonderful things. My favorite, in the days after completing the course, I discussed with my teammates that we meet and practice online together. This way, the knowledge can be built in. And every time we are surprised, so many things have changed after one session.”


ThetaHealing® practitioner

“Dear Anna! I love your voice, your determination, and the serenity and positivity that flows from you!

Since I’m an entrepreneur, I don’t have a fixed income, but I knew I wasn’t earning badly anyway! When we started the consultation, it was shocking to me, all of a sudden, how much everything came to light… I swear I was enlightened! So every solution was in my hands so I didn’t even notice it! These methods are awesome! I recommend it to everyone who can’t find themselves, sees everyday life in gray, maybe wants a little SELF TIME, and everyone else who wants to find a solution to any of their problems! Dare to step out of your comfort zone and change your mind boldly. Anyway, it’s unbelievable for me too, but two weeks after my consultation I was able to set aside half a million forints! I was just blinking at how I did it, but now I know the answer!
I would love to recommend these fantastic opportunities to everyone, and the loving full-heart Anna. Thank you for everything! And I’m glad to know you! ”


Client from one-on-one session

“The ThetaHealing Basic Course was the best decision of my life.”


ThetaHealing® practitioner