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About Me

Hi, my name is Anna Forgony. I am an international certified ThetaHealing® instructor, practitioner, spiritual, meditation teacher and mentor. Welcome to my webpage.

According to my approach, everyone can live a fulfilled life. We have the opportunity to find our calling, have wonderful relationships, and have joy be a part of our daily lives all at the same time.

We don’t have to choose between different areas of life. Through a deep process of self-awareness, we can see what limitations may come from our subconscious. By releasing these we can step into our full potential. Over time, this potential can grow even greater.

Are you ready to discover more of yourself?
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ThetaHealing® Seminars


The ThetaHealing technique is one of the most successful energy healing modality because of the ultimate power of the theta brain waves. With its help we are able to feel our real connection with the Divine, develop our intuitive abilities and achieve our goals, manifestations.

We have different thematics for the seminars.
I teach the following courses:

  • Basic DNA Seminar,
  • Advanced DNA Seminar,
  • Dig Deeper Seminar,
  • You and the Creator Seminar
  • and Manifesting and Abundance Seminar.

For more information pleace click here.

Thetahealing® One-on-one sessions


During these sessions we use the amazing power of the theta brain waves. You will be able to solve ongoing challenges from your life, to see the real reasons behind them and move forward with ease and love.

We are not here to suffer. We are here to fulfil our mission, grow spiritually and the same time enjoy our reality.

In case of a session with me you could have a future reading, intuitive body scan, digging work (reprogramming your subconscious mind), seeing your divine timing (life purpose), integrate knowledge, abilities from your ancestors or from other lives, sending healing to your body and other delightful experiences.

You can read more about the sessions here.

Meditation Online


Why Is It Good To Meditate Online?


You can meditate with us online even if you are just starting out in the spiritual world or if this is your first step.
There are no prerequisites.
All you need is a calm environment.

thetahealing gyakorló est program

ThetaHealing Practice Events

After finishing the ThetaHealing Seminars you will still have the possiblity to practice the thechnique with others.

If you have completed the course with another instructor, you are still very welcome.

We can practise all of the things what you have already learned in the seminars. You could ask your questions. I am with you during the whole program and support you through the different exercises.


“Thank you for the ThetaHealing Basic DNA course. You have moved me out of my comfort zone again. All three days of the course were fantastic. It has given new motivation to my life. 😊
We have experienced miracles and heard many wonderful things. My favorite, in the days after completing the course, I discussed with my teammates that we meet and practice online together. This way, the knowledge can be built in. And every time we are surprised, so many things have changed after one session.”

ThetaHealing® practitioner

“Thank you so much for these amazing 3 days. I’m sure that you understand that this was life changing and a beggining of my new divine timing 🙂 I enjoyed talking to you in an open and honest way. Thank you for being available for that kind of friendly communication. My favourite part of the seminar was seeing you communicate with the Creator! All the information is already given in the books, there are many ways to learn about these things, but seeing you communicate that easy with the Creator was inspiring! You showed me that everybody can and should ask for guidance for every aspect in life, that way we will always be aligned with our true way. Thank you for all the downloads, I do feel a change in me, and thank you for sharing all the information that wasn’t part of this seminar, but had to be passed onto me. I am thankful to have a teacher like you, I am thankful that you were the one to welcome me and send me off on my journey. I think we did a good job together :)”

ThetaHealing® practitioner

“Dear Anna! I love your voice, your determination, and the serenity and positivity that flows from you!

Since I’m an entrepreneur, I don’t have a fixed income, but I knew I wasn’t earning badly anyway! When we started the consultation, it was shocking to me, all of a sudden, how much everything came to light… I swear I was enlightened! So every solution was in my hands so I didn’t even notice it! These methods are awesome! I recommend it to everyone who can’t find themselves, sees everyday life in gray, maybe wants a little SELF TIME, and everyone else who wants to find a solution to any of their problems! Dare to step out of your comfort zone and change your mind boldly. Anyway, it’s unbelievable for me too, but two weeks after my consultation I was able to set aside half a million forints! I was just blinking at how I did it, but now I know the answer!
I would love to recommend these fantastic opportunities to everyone, and the loving full-heart Anna. Thank you for everything! And I’m glad to know you! ”

Client - One-on-one Session

“About a year and a half ago, I came across Anna’s Facebook page and I was watching her work with admiration even then. Eventually, I turned to her for a session, and even then I felt like I wanted to learn from her. There is some natural positivity and strong faith in her that makes her an example for anyone to follow. I took the Basic DNA seminar quite a few years ago, and even the Advanced, but since I didn’t use the technique, I wanted to refresh my knowledge, so I took Anna’s online course as a repeat. I couldn’t imagine what the mood would be like online, but it surpassed all my expectations. These 3 days made us a very good little team, which wasn’t just 3 days. 😊 Since then we have been in constant contact and practice together. Plus Anna offered that if we had any questions, she would be happy to help us, so we would use the ThetaHealing technique even more confidently. I recommend Anna with a good heart and with complete certainty as both a practitioner and an instructor! ❤”
Vivien Tamás

ThetaHealing® practitioner

“”Weeks before the training, I accepted that it is possible to clean out the otcomes of 30 years and I “asked” for help (perhaps only in my mind) for this, as well as to finally create the life I always wanted. 💫💫💫 Then last week I found myself at the ThetaHealing®️ basic training with Anna Forgony, which gave me much more than I expected. For me the biggest gain is that I lead my mind. There is order in my thoughts and emotions. On a daily basis, I become richer with a lot of insights, I have the tool so I can let go of what no longer serves me, or choose a new one instead. I understand my body’s signals and I have the courage and willpower to give myself what I need. Every day there is blessed food on the table, and blessed food can build my body. I understand and live the power of thoughts, I experience how I create my reality and see how others consciously or less consciously do the same. Meditation has become part of my everyday life and I am much more balanced than ever before. I practice and move forward on my path, I look forward to the next training with Anna. Oh and as a bonus I can sleep in the dark 💪😄””
Zsófia Fehér

ThetaHealing® practitioner

“The ThetaHealing Basic Course was the best decision of my life.”

ThetaHealing® practitioner

Free ThetaHealing Introduction

The Free ThetaHealing Introduction Event gives you an insight into how the technique works. Each programme usually takes 1-2 hours. You can ask questions and experience the amazing power of theta brainwaves. There will also be a demonstration digging on a volunteer, this is the subconscious belief work of ThetaHealing, which can change any area of your life in moments.

We will touch on different areas such as Guardian Angels, Soulmates, Manifestation, Brainwaves and many other interesting topics.

You can find more information about the event here. Also, please click on the button below for the current dates.

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Anna Forgony • Global Page

ThetaHealing® instructor, practitioner, Intuitive mentor, Spiritual teacher • Seminars, 1-1 Sessions

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This is the perfect time to upgrade, to grow and even refresh your existing knowledge 🧬🆙🧬 23-25.02. - ThetaHealing Advanced DNA Seminar - Online, in English 🇺🇸🧬Only the weekend, we start in the afternoon on Friday.In case if you've already done this seminar please contact me at info@forgonyanna.hu for the repeating price. 🩷🩷 Some information about the material of this seminar 🩷– Around 1000 ThetaHealing® downloads – witnessed by the instructor,– Free-floating memories / Engram banks - Releasing unconscious memories which cause emotional, mental and physical issues,– Sending Love to You, For The Baby Period in the Womb - the exercise could applied for others too, amplifying the effects of other exercises,– Harmonising The Broken Soul - the challenges could effect the soul energy, with this exercises the painful imprints will be released,– Connection And Communication to Your Ancestor From Other Existence,– Connection And Communication to Your Higher Self,– Remember Your Future - Seeing Your Future From A Different Perspective,– Divine Timing - What Is Your Timing Now, Your Task, Your Mission, What Is The Next Significant Event Of That?– Bending Time - Change The Perception Of Time, Be Effective, Save Time And Energy.🩷 More information and application are available at the link below:forgonyanna.hu/thetahealing-advanced-dna-seminar/#Thetahealing #thetahealingadvanced #advanceddna #thetahealingdownload #thetahealingdownloads #thetahealer #spirituality #spiritual #selfdevelopment #selflove #selfawarenes ... See MoreSee Less
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Why Marketing Is Important As A Healer? 🌸🥰I want to share with you an example from a different perspective. Maybe you are a Healer or you are working in different roles as a Helper so you will see the situation in another way.You could imagine your business as a restaurant.❔How can people order from you if they don’t know the menu?❔Even if they don’t know where the restaurant is?❔What if they don’t know what style the food is prepared in?Marketing is a Service. You can share educative posts and uplifting energies. Your promised people could find you in an easier way. It is a win-win position. You put the effort on the physical level from your side. The Creator, the Energy, the Quantum will help you and guide the people to you.Does it sound good? 🥰#healer #spiritualhealing #spiritualhealer #spiritualhealers #love #kindness #gratitude #healing #healingbusiness #helper #faith #miracle ... See MoreSee Less
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Tonight 🌟🌟🌟 ... See MoreSee Less
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More Testimonials

I found you on social media in January, when I participated in your free program more days long. At that time, I had already been working intensively on self-knowledge for the second year. Rather only with theory, so the exercises were strong enough for me. I did it all with honor, I watched your videos. With their help, I got out of the abusive relationship at the time: the following month I got on the plane and came home. 😊 In any case, I am very grateful to have found you, thank you for being a part of my life as a helper, with the programs, videos and posts.”

Participant - Free Program Series

Thank you Anna for this amazing weekend! 💜🥰💖 My journey into the wonderful world of ThetaHealing began when I received your name from the Creator. I have learned so much from you and the Creator and look forward to continuing! Thank you so much for showing me the way! I will be grateful for that forever! I look forward to using the wonderful method of ThetaHealing on others, especially as a witness of healings. There are many miracles yet to be discovered! 💖🧚🏻‍♀️💞”
Erzsébet Gregori

ThetaHealing practitioner

Thank you very much for this seminar, I spent it with very uplifting feelings, and I ended it in the same way as well. I became richer with unusually punctual psychic senses, and I really succeed to transform many old difficult feelings. I became freer, fresher and mentally lighter. The biggest gain was regaining my strength, which comes now from the “pure beingness”. It was very good example as you showed how you are led by the Creator and how easy it is to let this happen. And that’s how I became a Theta junkie…”
Dr. Andrea Ágnes Fodor

doctor, naturopath, ThetaHealing® practitioner