Anna Forgony

Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Mentor

Connected with your soul you have the power to create a beautiful reality!

Hi, I’m Anna Forgony, Spiritual Teacher and  Mentor. I help people to awake their spiritual abilities and find their life purpose. So they can live their dreamlife with ease and joy accourding to the soul call.

My Story

When I was little I had a really beautiful childhood even if my parents have been divorced. I lived with my mother and grandparents. Each week we have been in the church so I got really strong foundations to believe in God.

In my teenager years I had so many difficulties with my health and I didn’t receive solution from the traditional medicine side. Everything happens for a reason. In this way 16 years old I met a medium and I had my first spiritual experience in my life. After that everything changed I started to see the whole world in a different way.

My next challenge when I was 23 years old, I had health issues again and the doctors told me the situation couldn’t be better I will need a surgery. Somewhere from my mind a sentence just came up: ‘If your body was able to create this disease it could also heal it.’ I agreed this thought, I believed in that, I grabbed all of the possibilities to heal myself and I worked on myself each day. 3 months later the diagnosis was negative it means the symptoms disappeared. With this I learnt again the energetic side of our life is more than we have ever imagined.

During that time I had also studies at Budapest Business School in commerce, marketing and logistics, after my graduation as economist at my first workplace I started to feel my daily work in that area won’t make me happy. I was searching for other path and I felt a really strong connection with my heart, with my soul to serve and help the people but I didn’t know the HOW. I had already some experiences in spirituality, I knew some techniques, I worked on my friends and I held guided meditations for them, but something was missing.

In this period I started my ThetaHealing journey. In 2017 on a spiritual festival I met my first teacher and I felt a really deep soul level connection with her. I just realized later that we are from the same soul family. From 2018 I participated on many ThetaHealing seminars to have a really deep knowledge to serve the people. In this year too I started to have sessions with clients, I have so many amazing experiences from there. In 2019 I completed the Thetahealing® technique teacher training at Vianna Stibal, the Founder of ThetaHealing, so from that time I teach the technique too. Soon I left my multinational company’s job and I jumped into my own business in full time.

My Values & Beliefs


I think kindnes is one of the most important virtues. With his energy we could change the world. On the sessions with me my clients are in a nice and kind space free from convictions.


Love as emotion, virtue and also as energy is the foundation of ThetaHealing®. We use this energy to see the whole picture of their life from the highest truth.

Strategical thinking

As an economist it is really important to me to organize together a helpful strategy with my client. So after the session they could have some action steps also to stay in flow.

My Approach

With the last years I realized I could mix my experience from the business, multinational life, economist knowledge with the energetic side together and help in a really juicy and unique way.

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Mentor, a ThetaHealing® Teacher and Practitioner. I help people on my seminars and one-on-one sessions to awake their spiritual abilities and to be in flow according to their life purpose and soul call.

I really believe that if we live our lives according to our life and soul mission, we could be with full of health, happiness, joy, ease and blessings daily and on a long-term level too.

So my motto is: Connected with your soul you have the power to create a beautiful reality!

I hope we see you each other soon!

Lots of Love,