Anna Forgony

ThetaHealing® Instructor, Practitioner, Spiritual Speaker, Teacher and Intuitive Mentor

Connected with your soul you have the power to create a beautiful reality!

Hi, I’m Anna Forgony. I help people to awaken their intuitive abilities and find their life purpose. So they can live their life with ease and joy accourding to their soul call.

My Story

Since my teenage years I had some inexplicable health issue which led me to that I opened very early to the quantum world.

Later in my twenties I had a turning point again when I was diagnosed with some alteration during cervical cancer screening. The doctors said to me that I will need a surgery wihtin 1-2 years. But something in my mind said to me: “If my body was able to produce this alteration than it will turn back this into the normal state.” And this happened exactly. After 3 months I received my negative diagnose.

In 2018 I started my ThetaHealing® journey with my very first ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Practitioner Seminar. That was life-changing. From that point I use each and every day the ThetaHealing.

I witness amazing miracles not just in my own life but in my clients’ life as well.

My Values & Beliefs


According to my clients’ feedback this is a huge help in our sessions and seminar. Kindness is a very important virtue. With this energy we could change the world.


Love is the foundation of ThetaHealing®. We use this energy to see the whole picture of their life from the highest truth.

Strategical thinking

As an economist too I could see the things from a different perspective. I think a helpful strategy and the right action steps are major as well.

My Approach

I think ease so many times is still an option for us, even when we are facing with some challenges in our life. It is in connection with our understanding of the situation and our perspective how we look at it.

My analitical thinking and system view next my intuitive side help me to see the whole picture when I am working with my clients or even if I want to make in changes in my own life.
We cannot seperate the problems from each other. With this technique we could save a lot of time and energy. So we could have more opportunity to enjoy our life and see the beauty around us.

If you want to feel the flow again you are more than welcomed to join my sessions and seminars.

Love and light,