The Annual Planner Workshop gives you the opportunity to see the potentials in your next chapter and the connecting routes to reach them. Without unnecessary stress, with focused action steps and with some extra magic.

The Annual Planner Workshop is made not necessarily only for the New Year. You can use it for different time frames, like at your birthday, for the new few months weeks or even more years. It works perfectly in all cases.

In the first part of the workshop you release what do not serve you anymore from the past period. With my help you make a summary and closure, energetically too. So you can jump into the New with fresh energies.

The second part is about to collect the most important information – using different tools – for the new chapter of your life. I mean like what is your life mission now, what is in synchronicity with your heart and soul. And according to these you will create or modify your own manifestation list.

In the further part of the Annual Workshop you will make the manifestation to attract all of the miracles what the Quantum can offer you. Than you will create an action step list what could help you the most to achieve your goals.

The Annual Planner Workshop is a recorded masterclass. Every exercise was made to do it early on your own, in comfort of your home.

After your purchase the recorded video masterclass is available for minimum 5 years.

Through the process we use different techniques like meditation, phototherapy coaching and training tools too.


After your registration you will reach the following contents:

➜ 2 hours recorded masterclass,

➜ A 27-page workbook

➜ And preparing thought for the webinar.

The package full price now is only

25 000 HUF

(approx. 62 EUR).

This offer is only available for a limited time. The original price is 50 000 HUF (approx. 132 EUR)

You can send your application by clicking the button here.

After the registration you will receive an automatic e-mail with all of the details and you can enjoy your masterclass.

* The price is non-refundable.