Blossom Energy Session

I introduce you to a new energy technique.

Would you like to experience a new innovative modality?

According to my experiences when we start to do a new thing, to walk on a new path we can gain new perspectives too.

What does happen during a Blossom Energy Session?


You will feel safe, surrounded by supportive and non-judgmental space.


Everything is energy, so we will check the energetic side of your ongoing problems.


With the help of a meditation process we will have new point of view, so we can see the situations from a different perspective.


You are searching for answers and solutions, this is the perfect time to do that. With real, groundbreaking solutions too.

How Do I know If This Session is Right For Me?

Reading the following conditions you will have an insight about these sessions so you could see that this possibility is compatible with you .


It’s important to be able to trust the people you work with. And give yourself the confidence that it can work.


You need to believe and you must want to have changes around and inside yourself. The pure intention could have such an amazing power.


It is good to be open to learning new abilities. Like to start some new exercises, rituals in your daily to support your processes after the sessions too.


Only if we can be honest with ourselves and with our helper can we make a real difference. This is a huge step towards a solution.

My Approach

I think there are so many techniques available today to improve your life. The most important thing in the decision process is to listen to your soul and your heart, which one is best for you.

You can do this quite simply by listening within, asking the question: ‘Where to go, who to go to?’ Then the answers and the signs will come.

But the most important thing is when you start your first communication with your helper that you really feel safe and you can say, “Yes, I trust this person, I believe she/he can help me.” That doesn’t mean you can’t have doubts, questions or even fear about the process. It just means that you feel you can and dare to open up to her/him.

My wish for you is that you find this helper in your life, the one best suited to your particular problem, to your progress.

How It Works

Booking Your Appointment

You can book your appointment with me via the button at the bottom of the page or by using the contact details in the Contact menu. Before you start working with me, I’ll make sure that I’m the right person for you.

Sessions currently take place online, in English and Hungarian.

In a Session

You’ll feel in a safe space all the time. We’ll talk through the challenges and tasks you’ve come with and how I can best support you. We will be in a state of light meditation throughout, so you can easily see the real cause of your blockages and find ways to resolve them.

At the end of the consultation, we will go over the details and can even arrange a follow-up session if required.

After the Session

As I said, you can have a next appointment if you want, but it’s up to you. You can of course ask me, I can share what I see, but the final decision is yours.

As the energetic changes, the physical space begins to change. Your body may react, your mind may react, your emotions may change, your automatic patterns of behaviour may change. But one thing is for sure, the vibration you transmit outward, and therefore the experiences you attract.

Blossom One-on-one Session

60 minute


20 000 HUF

Introduction Price