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Frequently Asked

Did I need to have any meditation experience?

No, absolutely ok if this is your first spiritual and meditation experience on the seminar or session.

Do I need to believe in God?

You can believe in God, in Creator of All That Is, Quantum, Source Energy or as you call it. So we do not need to use the same title but you need to believe in something / somebody, what/ who could help you.

How often shall I come to the sessions?

It’s up to you. If you feel the call to make a transformassion process you are welcomed to join to more than one session. If you feel that you need only one session it is absolutely ok too. (:

How can I be sure the ThetaHealing® seminar is for me?

You could ask yourself or the Divine Source energy: “Is this for me?” You could ask for signs also. But you know no one gets lost completely by an accident on a  Thetahealer’s page. 😀

I want to grow fast with huge quantumjump. What could be my first step?

If you want to have really big changes you have the possibility to join to more than one ThetaHealing® seminar and individual sessions too. These could be a huge quantumleap for you. (:

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