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The ThetaHealing® technique is a world-renowned energy-healing technique what could help you to create emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being in your life. Now you have the possibility to get a deeper knowledge during a Free ThetaHealing Introduction Event.

“Like I told you after the book, I was really curious about the course. The seminar is much better than the book, although the book is also very interesting.
The course was very professional as you guided us through this interesting world. That was very energetic, which affected us as well. We weren’t bored for a moment. It was uplifting. We got tired at the end normally. This course was complete with the others, which is not an accident. We talked if you ever do further seminars, we’re going there too. In the meantime, if we have time, we will practice. It is impossible to describe how good it was. You have to experience that. “


ThetaHealing® practitioner

After my first ThetaHealing® experiences my whole life started to changed. I released old energies from my past which didn’t serve me anymore. I was able to move to the next level in my life.

If you want to see and experince the technique and have insights this opportunity is perfect for you.

What is the ThetaHealing® technique?

ThetaHealing is a spiritual meditation technique.  The Theta brain waves help us to feel more the the connection with the Creator Of All That Is, change our limiting beliefs immeadiately in the highest way to supporting ones and to awaken to our true nature. This brings out the best in ourselves and allows us to live our most enlightened, successful lives.

“Dear Anna! Where should I start? When I had my first session with you, I felt so good. I was so energised! I almost woke myself up to certain things I had to solve. It was super effective! ❤ Your meditation was also brilliant! It helped me a lot. I love your voice, your determination, and the calmness and positivity that radiates from you! ❤ A few weeks later we met again for a session! And the reason was that for some reason the money simply flowed out of my hands, and I didn’t understand why. I didn’t overspend, I didn’t buy “unnecessary” things. My thoughts revolved around money all the time, what I was doing wrong, how much it costs, how much I have to put aside, what kind of payments are there and how I will come out of the money I earn. Since I’m an entrepreneur, I don’t have a fixed income, but I knew I wasn’t making bad money! When we started the session, it was shocking to me, suddenly, how much was revealed… I swear, it was as if I had been enlightened! So all the solutions were right there in my hands without even noticing previously! These techniques are awesome! I recommend it to everyone who can’t find themselves, see everyday life as gray, maybe want a little me-time, and to everyone else who wants to find a solution to any problem! Be brave to step out of your comfort zone and change your point of view. By the way, it’s unbelievable for me too, but two weeks after my session I was able to save half a million forints!!! I was also just wondering how I did this, but now I know the answer! I warmly recommend these fantastic opportunities to everyone, as well as the loving, heart-and-soulful Anna, whom I adore. Thank you for everything! And I’m glad to meet you!”

Client from Thetahealing® One-on-one Session


Hi, my name is Anna Forgony. I am an international certified ThetaHealing® instructor, practitioner, spiritual, meditation teacher and mentor. I am happy to see you here, welcome to my page.

I think the feeling of joy can be part of our everyday life naturally. When we are in harmony with our higher-level mission this feeling could even multiplied.

I think my mission is to serve, to help people in their awakening process, so they can live a life in alignment with their soul purpose.

Love and light,

Anna Forgony

ThetaHealing® instructor and practitioner



– Manifestation

– Soulmates,

– Brain waves, especially theta

– Guardian angels,

– The final topics will be formed automatically according to the intuitive guidance.

During the event I will make a demonstration belief work on a volunteer to see how the ThetaHealing® technique works.

Of course we will have opportunity for Q&A as well.

At the end of the event everybody can experience the state of theta via a guided ThetaHealing® meditation.

“The process has been going since the Basic DNA seminar, I’m so surpised, there are so many changes around me and inside me, I feel that my preparation for the advanced course has begun, and the best part is that it’s always an enjoyable, playful journey, without unnecessary dramas and difficulties, with plenty of synchronicity. I feel that this is exactly why I found you as a teacher, to be “infected” by your positivity and the effortless elegance with which you move such great forces. It made a big impact on my ability to believe.

Dr. Andrea Ágnes Fodor - doctor, naturopath, ThetaHealing® practitioner

“Thank you Anna for this amazing weekend! 💜🥰💖 My journey into the wonderful world of ThetaHealing began when I received your name from the Creator. I have learned so much from you and the Creator and look forward to continuing! Thank you so much for showing me the way! I will be grateful for that forever! I look forward to using the wonderful method of ThetaHealing on others, especially as a witness of healings. There are many miracles yet to be discovered! 💖🧚🏻‍♀️💞”

Erzsébet Gregori - ThetaHealing® practitioner


The participation is free, but registration is required.

If you want to participate, I recommend to do a random act of kindness.

WHEN: 4.1.2023. 4-9pm CET

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