THETAHEALING® Advanced Seminar

Quantum leap, amazing changes, right here, right now


This seminar is made for taking quantum leaps in your life.

You don’t need to wait decades to solve issues or to reach the wished mental or emotional state.

With the ThetaHealing® Advanced Seminar you will be refreshed with amazing ThetaHealing® downloads, energetic activations, witnessed by your instructor.

Thank you very much for this seminar, I spent it with very uplifting feelings, and I ended it in the same way as well. I became richer with unusually punctual psychic senses, and I really succeed to transform many old difficult feelings. I became freer, fresher and mentally lighter. The biggest gain was regaining my strength, which comes now from the “pure beingness”. It was very good example as you showed how you are led by the Creator and how easy it is to let this happen. And that’s how I became a Theta junkie…”

Dr. Andrea Ágnes Fodor

doctor, naturopath, ThetaHealing® practitioner

Did you like the Basic DNA Seminar?

Than you are gonna love the ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Seminar.

We already experienced amazing transformassions during the days of the course.

About the ThetaHealing® Advance Seminar

– Around 1000 ThetaHealing® downloads / energetic activations witnessed by your instructor,

– Deeper understanding,

– Belief work on an advanced level,

– Changing time,

– Communicate with different planes of existence, like with plants, crystals…

I felt very good at the ThetaHealing® Advanced course, on the one hand because I received an excellent instructor from the Creator, on the other hand because I was able to work with an excellent student, and third because the space and the work of the entire course were very blessed. My cold is going away a little slower than I expected, but this condition gave me an excellent opportunity for further digging work and development, and we already knew at the start of the course that I am going through a powerful transformation. As a result of the manifestations, there are already quite spectacular changes around me, in which there are huge possibilities for me, and some things, the outcome of which was doubtful, took a positive turn for me. The biggest benefit of the course is that my feelings related to the most emotionally stressful event of my life so far are being transformed, and I have an extremely strong and living relationship with the invisible world around us, from which a lot of love and positivity began to flow to me, which has probably always been the case, only I learned to notice and allow it. It makes me feel like a (very) new person. One of the strongest parts of the course was releasing my resistance to luxury and changing my belief systems about it. I have a good laugh at myself there now… So thank you very much for the experience and the many lessons!

Dr. Andrea Ágnes Fodor

doctor, naturopath, ThetaHealing® practitioner

Thematics of the ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Seminar

– Around 1000 ThetaHealing® downloads – witnessed by the instructor,

– Belief Work,

– The Creation of Feelings,

– Planes of Existence,

– Belief work – Fear and Resentment,

– Free-floating memories / Engram banks,

– Love to Baby in the Womb

– The Broken Soul,

– Plants,

– The three R’s: Rejection, Resentment and Regret

– Connect to Your Ancestor,

– Clearing ofn Non-Organic Material

– Higher Self

– Remember your future,

– Divine timing,

– Belief Work – Manifesting,

– Heart Song

– Bending time,

– DNA3 Pre-Requiesites,

+ Manifestation

+ Group Healing

Details about the ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Seminar

– 3 days of education,
– ThetaHealing® Advanced book,
– ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA manual,
– and an international certification issued by ThetaHealing® Insitute of Knowledge.

It takes 3 consecutive days to complete the course. It is held online, via Zoom.

The ThetaHealing Advanced DNA manual is electronic and not printable. In case of request a printed version could be mailed for you.

The ThetaHealing® Advanced book could be chosen as book or e-book. In case of book version the physical book will be mailed for you. In case of e-book option the book could be bought only by you for yourself, so the total cost will be reduced with the amount of the e-book.

The language of the seminar will be English or Hungarian after the first applicant’s request.

Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar


Total Costs: 150 000 HUF

consisting of:
– Seminar Costs: 100 000 HUF
– Registration Fee: 50 000 HUF

The Registration Fee is non-refundable.

It is possible to request for payment installments and scholarships:
– please click here for Payment Installation Application
– and click here for Scholarship Application.

For repeating price please contact me in e-mail at info@forgonyanna.hu address with your thetahealing.com profile link (set to public mode) or photo/screenshot from your previous ThetaHealing certification of this exact seminar. With these steps I can check you already completed minimum once this course.

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Upcoming Seminars

23.02.2024. 2pm-9pm CET
24-25.02.2024. 9am-4pm CET


In case of request we could start the seminar later on Friday.

Individual ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA

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Like I told you after the book, I was really curious about the course. The seminar is much better than the book, although the book is also very interesting. The course was very professional as you guided us through this interesting world. That was very energetic, which affected us as well. We weren’t bored for a moment. It was uplifting. This course was complete with the others, which is not an accident. We talked if you do Advanced seminar, we’re going there too. In the meantime, if we have time, we will practice. It is impossible to describe how good it was. It should be experienced.

ThetaHealing® practitioner