New life experience – changing your limiting patterns to supporting ones


The ThetaHealing® is a world-renowned meditation technique. Its focus is the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

One of the most importan part of this modality is the digging work which could help you to discover your limiting subconscious patterns and change them immediately to supporting ones.

“The ThetaHealing Basic Course was the best decision of my life.”

ThetaHealing® practitioner

During our sessions and seminars we are using the theta brain waves. You will learn how to switch your brain to the theta state in your very first ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar.

With these brain waves we are able

– to see and change our subsconscious beliefs,

– be in a creative and inspirational mood

– and feel the connection with the Divine Source Energy.

Actually the theta brain waves could help you to manifest, because using them could increase the success of the outcome of your manifestation around 80-90 %.

What is the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar?

This is a very complex, interesting and adventurous journey.

You will learn not just to use the mentioned digging and belief work but also to step into your full pontential.

In the past the humanity was not able to live their life as the Co-Creators of All That Is. Now this is our time to enter to the next level, awaken, accept our intuitive gifts and live as divine sparks of the Creator.

“Thank you for the ThetaHealing Basic DNA course. You have moved me out of my comfort zone again. All three days of the course were fantastic. It has given new motivation to my life. 😊
We have experienced miracles and heard many wonderful things. My favorite, in the days after completing the course, I discussed with my teammates that we meet and practice online together. This way, the knowledge can be built in. And every time we are surprised, so many things have changed after one session.”


ThetaHealing® practitioner

Thematics of the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar

– The Story of ThetaHealing®,

– Brain Waves,

– Chakras and Psychic Senses,

– ThetaHealing® Meditation,

– Intuitive Body Scan,

– Sending Unconditional Love (Physical Wellbeing),

– Levels of Beliefs,

– Belief Work,

– Feelings Work,

– Digging (Block Releasing),

– Releasing Fears,

– Resentment Belief Work (Releasing negative emotions),

– Manifestation Belief Work (Releasing block about your manifestations),

– Illness Belief Work (Releasing blocks about your wellbeing),

– Seven Plains of Existence,

– Manifestation,

– Soulmates,

– Psychic Hocks and Attacks,

– Soul Fragments,

– Waywards,

– Guardian Angels,

– Future Reading,

– Gene-work,

– DNA,

– Viruses, bacterias, fungus and Parasites from an Intuitive Perspective

Details about the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar

– 3 days of education,
– ThetaHealing® book,
– ThetaHealing® Basic DNA manual,
– an international certification issued by ThetaHealing® Insitute of Knowledge
– and membership in the online ThetaHealing® system at www.thetahealing.com.

It takes 3 consecutive days to complete the course. It will be held online, via Zoom.

The ThetaHealing Basic DNA manual is electronic and not printable. In case of request a printed version could be mailed for you.

The ThetaHealing® book could be chosen as book or e-book. In case of book version the physical book will be mailed for you. In case of e-book option the book could be bought only by you for yourself, so the total cost will be reduced the amount of the e-book.

The language of the seminar will be English or Hungarian after the first applicant’s request.

Total Costs: 150 000 HUF

consisting of:
– Seminar Costs: 100 000 HUF
– Registration Fee: 50 000 HUF

The Registration Fee is non-refundable.

It is possible to request for payment installments and scholarships:
– please click here for Payment Installation Application
– and click here for Scholarship Application.

For repeating price please contact me in e-mail at info@forgonyanna.hu address with your thetahealing.com profile link (set to public mode) or photo/screenshot from your previous ThetaHealing certification of this exact seminar. With these steps I can check you already completed minimum once this course.

You can scroll down for the upcoming course information.

Upcoming Seminars

26-28.04.2024. 9.00am-4.30pm CEST

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar


Individual ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar

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If you have any question about the seminars, don’t hesitate to contact me HERE!

“Thank you so much for these amazing 3 days. I’m sure that you understand that this was life changing and a beggining of my new divine timing 🙂 I enjoyed talking to you in an open and honest way. Thank you for being available for that kind of friendly communication. My favourite part of the seminar was seeing you communicate with the Creator! All the information is already given in the books, there are many ways to learn about these things, but seeing you communicate that easy with the Creator was inspiring! You showed me that everybody can and should ask for guidance for every aspect in life, that way we will always be aligned with our true way. Thank you for all the downloads, I do feel a change in me, and thank you for sharing all the information that wasn’t part of this seminar, but had to be passed onto me. I am thankful to have a teacher like you, I am thankful that you were the one to welcome me and send me off on my journey. I think we did a good job together :)”

ThetaHealing® practitioner

“Thank you Anna for this amazing weekend! 💜🥰💖 My journey into the wonderful world of ThetaHealing began when I received your name from the Creator. I have learned so much from you and the Creator and look forward to continuing! Thank you so much for showing me the way! I will be grateful for that forever! I look forward to using the wonderful method of ThetaHealing on others, especially as a witness of healings. There are many miracles yet to be discovered! 💖🧚🏻‍♀️💞”

Erzsébet Gregori

ThetaHealing® practitioner