ThetaHealing® Sessions With Other ThetaHealers

On this page you will find ThetaHealing® practitioners and instructors who have completed ThetaHealing seminar(s) with me, and I think that working together with them can be really fruitful.

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Vivien Tamás
ThetaHealing® instructor & practitioner
Language: Hungarian

ThetaHealing® is an energetic technique based on quantum mechanics, with this you automatically learn to switch your brain to theta brainwaves and connect to the space of the Quantum or Creator of All That Is.

In this state, you can reprogram the parts of your mind with which you may have unconsciously sabotaged the successful living of certain areas of life, the achievement of your goals, a happy relationship, material abundance, and your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

During the session, you can be in a safe place where you can share your feelings and experiences without any judgment.

The special feature of the method is that we use theta brain waves. With the help of them, we are able to reach the subconscious mind and from there easily solve the limiting belief systems in relation to your current problem.



The ThetaHealing® technique does not qualify as psychotherapy practice, therapeutic counseling, conventional healing, non-conventional healing procedures or naturopathic activities that require a medical qualification. Everything that is said during a consultation or treatment never replaces or overrides any medical diagnosis or treatment.