ThetaHealing® Sessions

Helping you to awaken to your inner truth, solve the problems by the energetic side and move forward

Do You Feel Like It’s Time For A Change?

The ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique, helping us to live in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

You could have ThetaHealing sessions online, using the English or Hungarian language.

What does happen during a one-one Session using the ThetaHealing® technique?

Safe place

During the ThetaHealing session you are in a safe place, where you could share your emotions and experiences without any judgement.

Global solution

In the ThetaHealing® technique we do not seperate from each other the different life areas. We handle them in a complex way. That’s why we are searching for the real common sead of your problems and solving with a high efficiency.

Theta brain waves

The specialty of the technique that we are using the theta brain waves. With this method we are able to reach your subconcious level of your mind and release the blocks about your current problems with ease.

No dependence

It’s very important that there isn’t any dependence between me and my clients. It’s up to you how many times you want to participate and during the sessions you will receive tools in your hand to implement the changes in your life.

How Do I know If This Session is Right For Me?

Reading the following conditions you will have an insight about these sessions so you could see that this possibility is compatible with you .

The fundamental condition to work with this technique that you need to believe in God, Creator, Source Energy or as you call it. And believe that this Energy could help you.
Ready to move forward
It is not a passive process. You need to be ready and willing to make changes in your life. But with this you have everything what you need already.
Challenges in your life
Maybe you are facing a lot of challenges in your life right now. You don’t need to handle all of the things seperately. This could be a perfect help for you to have a whole solution process now.
Fast but fundamental solutions
If you are committed to have real solution, willing to have real changes and to move forward with big steps, YOU ARE AT THE PERFECT PLACE!
These sessions are really spiritual, on a high level. We will be in connection with you Higher Self, your Soul and with the Divine. We will have insights about Life Purpose and also about your Divine Timing in this life period. So this possibility could be really LIFE CHANGING! Are you ready?

My Approach

As a graduated economist I have not just only a spiritual, but also a practical side. Because of this I have some professional experiences from other areas, like logistics. These helped me to improve seeing the ongoing challenges with systemic approach. It gives a lot to my sessions with my clients, who are already ThetaHealing® practitioners, Healers or even brand new for the spiritual practices.

The range of the common topics of the sessions are quite wide, these are like physical symptoms, love life, business, career life, self-esteem, manifestation, family or other relationships.

According to the feedback from my dear clients the higlighted values of sessions together are kindness, instant change, ease and useful, practical tools in their hand after the sessions.

How It Works

Book Your Appointment

On this page below you could send you request with the message form or you could contact me via phone for your appointment.

After our conversation, e-mail exchange we will fix your appointment and all you have to do is to be present at the fixed time.

You could have ThetaHealing sessions online.

In a Session

– Using the theta brain waves. This process is automatic, it works for everyone, no preparations are required.
– Solving the main causes of your problems, belief work,
– Reading your future,
– Communication with your guardian angels,
– Communication with your ancestors, loved ones,
– Manifestation on a master level,
– Forgiveness,
– Soul healing,
– Sending you love when you were baby in the womb,
– Requesting abilities and information from the ancestors via the genes,
– Working on your life purpose and your divine timings,
– Balance your chakras,
– And clear your energetic space.
These are examples what could happen with you in a session. The exact session will be formed according to your request and the guidance from the Creator of All That Is.

After the session

After the energetic and subconscious changes your behaviour and experiences could be different automatically. And this could happen instantly.

About thet next session: It is up to you if you would like to come to another session. Of course you could ask me that I could see any neccessary further energetic works, but the final decision is absolutely yours.

ThetaHealing® One-on-one Session

60 minute session


28 000 HUF

3 Session Package

3 x 60 minute session


74 000 HUF

5 Session Package

5 x 60 minute session


120 000 HUF