THETAHEALING® You and the Creator Seminar

Accepting the Creator’s gifts and receiving the highest truth


In this seminar you will have a new perspective about the connection with the Creator of All That Is.

“The ThetaHealing Basic Course was the best decision of my life.”

ThetaHealing® practitioner

Receiving answers from the Creator could be a brand new experience after the You and the Creator Seminar.

What is the You and the Creator Seminar about?

Remember the Creator is an energy of perfect and pure love.  It is a knowing love. And it will change your life.  This energy, this life force, is in every atom, atoms are a part of you and part of everything around you. You will learn the differences between your brain’s different parts, you will have the knowledge how to work and re-guide your subconscious to work for you. You will able to recognise the highest truth which is coming from the Creator.

“Like I told you after the book, I was really curious about the course. The seminar is much better than the book, although the book is also very interesting. The course was very professional as you guided us through this interesting world. That was very energetic, which affected us as well. We weren’t bored for a moment. It was uplifting. This course was complete with the others, which is not an accident. We talked if you do Advanced seminar, we’re going there too. In the meantime, if we have time, we will practice. It is impossible to describe how good it was. It should be experienced.


ThetaHealing® practitioner


Knowing Yourself and the Creator,

Getting to know the different aspects of your mind

The survival self

The undercurrent self

The egos self

The higher self

Knowing the difference between the Creator and Self

Downloads to understand yourself

Understanding Messages

Communication with the Creator

Self-Belief Work

Sorting things out – what could block to receive clear messages


Exercise: Protection through forgiveness

Stuck in the past

Exercise: Reset the mind

Principles for receiving clear messages

Exercise: Divine timing

Exercise: Go up and ask the Creator for the issue


Messages from the Planes

Exercise: The feeling of the Planes

Details about the ThetaHealing® You and the Creator Seminar

– 2 days of education,
– ThetaHealing® You and the Creator book,
– ThetaHealing® You and the Creator manual,
– and an international certification issued by ThetaHealing® Insitute of Knowledge

It takes 2 consecutive days to complete the course. It will be held online, via Zoom.

The ThetaHealing You and the Creator manual is electronic and not printable.

The ThetaHealing® You and the Creator book could be chosen as book or e-book. In case of book version the physical book will be mailed for you. In case of e-book option the book could be bought only by you for yourself, so the total cost will be reduced with the amount of the e-book.

The language of the seminar will be English or Hungarian after the first applicant’s request.

Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar, ThetaHealing® Advanced Seminar, ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Seminar


Total Costs: 150 000 HUF

consisting of:
– Seminar Costs: 100 000 HUF
– Registration Fee: 50 000 HUF

The Registration Fee is non-refundable.

It is possible to request for payment installments and scholarships:
– please click here for Payment Installation Application
– and click here for Scholarship Application.

For repeating price please contact me in e-mail at info@forgonyanna.hu address with your thetahealing.com profile link (set to public mode) or photo/screenshot from your previous ThetaHealing certification of this exact seminar. With these steps I can check you already completed minimum once this course.

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Upcoming Seminars

10-11.02.2024. 9am-4pm CET
ThetaHealing® You and the Creator Seminar


Individual ThetaHealing® You and the Creator Seminar

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“About a year and a half ago, I came across Anna’s Facebook page and I was watching her work with admiration even then. Eventually, I turned to her for a session, and even then I felt like I wanted to learn from her. There is some natural positivity and strong faith in her that makes her an example for anyone to follow. I took the Basic DNA seminar quite a few years ago, and even advanced, but since I didn’t use the technique, I wanted to refresh my knowledge, so I took Anna’s online course as a repeater. I couldn’t imagine what the mood would be like virtually, but all my calculations surpassed it. These 3 days forged us into a very good little team, which wasn’t just 3 days. 😊 Since then, we have been in constant contact and practice together. To all this, Anna offered that if we had any questions, she would be happy to help, so we would use the ThetaHealing technique even more confidently.
I recommend Anna with a good heart and with complete certainty as both a consultant and an instructor! ❤ ”

ThetaHealing® practitioner

“I encourage everyone to get to know Anna and this wonderful method, which is none other than ThetaHealing®! I can only confirm what has been described and that Anna is a wonderful person and helper. ♥ Thank you for being! ♥”


Client from session